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When it comes to tile installation, these days there are so many things to know. Not too long ago there was only a handful of different ceramic tiles and a few common sizes. The installation materials were basic and also limited to a few options. The Tile Installer’s job was very repetitive and after some time of doing the same thing over and over it became a quick and fairly painless process.

Fast forward 40 years to today’s average jobsite and we see the complete opposite! Ceramic tile has evolved in many ways and expanded in many directions. When shopping for new tile people are often overwhelmed by the vast amount of design options, sizes, differences in materials and endless combinations. With many of these choices and new tiles come more need-to-know information, new materials, specific materials for specific tiles, etc.


Porcelain tile manufacturers can now create tiles up to ten feet long and 5 feet wide! These “Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels” are gaining popularity and come with a whole new variety of challenges, installation tools and materials. With the added expense of these tiles and the higher probability for breakage, you definitely want to ensure you hire a contractor who is prepared with the knowledge, correct tools, and materials for the tile installation.

On the other end of the tile spectrum, we see hand made clay or ceramic tiles, glass tile, mosaics, paper-faced glass tile, cement, and encaustic tile. Of course, there’s always the timeless look of natural stone and marble tile. With each of these options comes a slightly different approach to preparation and installation. Certain installation materials are designed with specific tiles in mind. In some cases using the wrong materials can lead to a tile failure. We want to help you avoid a tile failure. We see far too many of these, and they are completely avoidable.

We are happy to discuss the many different options you have when choosing your tile. We can provide you with a step-by-step consultation on how we will approach your unique project. You might be wondering what tile choices are best suited for your fireplace, and we can help you navigate the tile maze!

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